Channel 4 Player.

If you miss a Channel 4 show, like Location Location Location or Grand Designs, you can watch many of your favourite Channel 4 shows,online right now, using the Channel 4 Player.
Just like the BBC IPlayer, the Channel 4 player lets you programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some shows which are currently playing and hugely popular are, The Inbetweeners, Seven Days and Deal or No Deal, all of which are ready for you to watch right now. You must be inside the UK, to use the Channel 4 Player because of Copyright Reasons.

If your are likely to watch late night Channel 4 programs or E4 programs, you must register and input a "Pin" number, because some of these programs are only available for over 18's,and this service isprotected to stop minors from watching some content.

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