Channel 4 IPlayer Shameless

ShamelessChannel 4 IPlayer Shameless.

The brand new series of Shameless is now back on Channel 4.
If you miss an episode of Shameless, then you can watch it using the Channel 4 IPlayer.
If you are a fan of the show, and want to know what is happening, then you can watch Shameless on Demand, for up to 30 days.

In the latest series of Shameless, Frank is missing. You might have seen the funny and strange adverts for the new series, with Frank in Lost style short clips.

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  1. I love Shameless and just discovered DISH Online. As a DISH employee I always know their cool secrets and DISH Online is definitely one of them. I just found a bunch of clips and interviews with the actors; I can even set my DVR to record it on there. It’s pretty awesome.