Channel 4 Relocation Relocation.

The brand new series of Relocation, Relocation is now back on our screens.
Kirstie and Phil are back to help people find the perfect home, whether it be in the country or the city. Phil is also back with Relocation Down Under, where he heads over to Australia to help people find a dream home.

If you miss an episode of the news series of Relocation, Relocation, you can watch them now using the Channel 4 IPlayer as people like to call it. The Channel 4 On Demand service let's you watch all your favourite Channel 4 shows online.

You can also watch episodes online using You Tube. I would love to post some videos here for you to watch, but they don't let you.

Relocation Relocation is on Channel 4, Thursdays, and remember to watch episodes if you miss them using the Channel 4 IPlayer.

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